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PRIME TIME WITH PRIME RIB Here we are at another major food holiday and this time, we’re coming at you with some major beef knowledge.  Prime rib is perfect in the oven, on the grill or in the smoker.  This cut of beef shines for the holidays.  We have some tips below guaranteed to make
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THANKSGIVING RECIPES GALORE!!! it’s time to share some recipes to help make this Thanksgiving the best it can be.  Thanksgiving to me is the best food holiday of the year, full of wonderful smells and some amazing food.  Here are a few of our favorites, along with our turkey tips sheet.  Please let us know
Pumpkin Walnut Bread

Pumpkin Walnut Bread

Enjoy a cool fall morning with a slice of this amazing bread, heck you can even enjoy this during the day, well and while you’re at it, enjoy this after dinner too.  This pumpkin walnut bread is sure to please.  Warm it up and spread some butter on it….. OH MAN Click the blue link
Beef Stroganoff – 5280 Culinary Recipe We picked the best dish to ring in fall with… Beef Stroganoff.  We use some fresh Colorado Beef, Crimini Mushrooms, Sweet onions and more to create this soon to be family favorite.  So grab your favorite cast iron Dutch oven (9 qt or bigger) and let’s get cooking Lodge

Pizza Day with 5280 Culinary

Pizza Day with 5280 Culinary Ah the joys of fall, cooler weather, leaves changing color, the anticipation of snow and best of all….. Pizza Time on the grill These pizzas are tried and true and work great on Naan Bread or fresh pizza dough. Mix and match ingredients to make a new pizza creation. Using
5280 Culinary Brisket Fried Fried Rice
Recipe Time – Brisket Fried Rice and Chef J’s Mac and Cheese What happens when you “accidentally” make too much BBQ? or is there such a thing?  Well, lets just say it happened and now your wondering what to do with it.  Here are 2 recipes that will help get rid of some of that
Garden Beets recipe
Garden Beets It’s time to pick a side, you either like Beets or you don’t.  I understand that very well, as a kid, I didn’t like beets at all.  You couldn’t have paid me to eat them.  Then one day while looking at a menu I decided it was time to give a Roasted Beet
Smoked Cherry Turnovers
Smoked Cherry Turnovers Colorado, it’s the best place on earth to live and enjoy, not to mention those mountain views.  We also have some of the best growing environments around, from those hot days to our cool nights and back again to hot, that makes for some tasty produce.  This recipe is packed with something

Fire Salt Smoked Brownies

Fire Salt Smoked Brownies At a cooking class one day we decided to smoke some brownies on our Traeger and even baked some brownies on our Big Green Egg, the best part is…. Brownies.  When you smoke this recipe on the Traeger you get a nice wood fired flavor, when baked on the Big Green
5280 Culinary Maryland Style Crab Cakes
Maryland Style Crab Cakes This is what happens when you are walking thru Costco hungry.  The crab looked great and it was time to get our Crab Cakes on the Big Green Egg.  We added some maple chunks to the Rockwood Lump Charcoal, added our Lodge Cast iron skillet and had a blast.  This recipe
Horseradish Sauce - 5280 Culinary

Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish Sauce When it comes to prime rib or a nice grilled steak there are few things I feel are needed to make it stand out, horsey sauce is always one of them.  The hotter the better in my opinion.  This recipes is one we have had around since my days as a line cook

Southern Style Cabbage

Southern Style Cabbage Today as we get ready to enjoy some grilling fun, we also get to make the first of many batches of our Southern Style Cabbage.  Cooked in our cast iron Dutch Oven and seasoned with a blend of bacon, cider vinegar and our rubs.  This cabbage is great over some freshly grilled