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Chef Services

Here are some of our Chef Services:
* - In Home catering
* - In Home Cooking Classes
* - Backyard Grill Classes
* - Kids Birthday Parties
* - Iron Chef Parties - Great Business meeting events
* - Road Rally cooking - out team can follow your rally and cook along the way
and many more - Contact us so we can customize your next Culinary event For More Information - Click Here

Pro Chef Events

Professional Chef Events

Dinner Parties. Corporate Events. Family Reunions. Retreats. Food Tastings. Romantic Dinners. Bridal & Baby Showers. Holiday Parties. Graduation Parties. Road Rallies. 

Grillin’ & Chillin’. Ultimate Mystery Throw-Down. Seminars.

Experience a whole new level of culinary excellence at your next event. Special occasions call for extraordinary cuisine. Start planning your next gathering by calling on your own personal, professional chef.

Acclaimed Executive Chef Jason K. Morse, CEC and the 5280 Culinary team take pride in creating a special menu to meet your needs — from casual to elegant and sophisticated.

Here’s how we roll:

1)    We’ll arrange an initial consultation meeting to get acquainted.

2)    We’ll listen intently to your vision for your special event.

3)    We’ll review your specific food cravings and expectations, help with date and site selection, and budget.

4)    We’ll prepare your specialized menu and source the finest ingredients.

5)    Need an event planner to work through the process? On the big day? We are at your service.

6)    BIG DAY/NIGHT: We show up enthused to prepare our finest, serve your guests and make sure your event is “rock star” caliber.

7)    We clean-up following the event.

Cooking Classes

CookingClass1aNow You’re Cooking Classes:

Chef-Inspired Dinner Parties. Birthdays. Special Occasion. Live Grilling Events. Corporate Team Building. In Home Cooking Classes. 

Are you looking to wow friends or family with a special dinner or party? Know any aspiring Jr. Chefs? Want to take your grilling skills to the next level?

Elegant to casual, 5280 offers specialized cooking classes tailored to a variety of audiences from youth (10-up, Jr. Chef Apprentices) to serious home cooks (or those hoping to be) and aspiring grill-meisters. Create an extra-special or multi-course event, led by the skilled 5280 culinary team headed by our Executive Chef.

CookingClass1bGetting Started: After an initial consultation we will:

  • Develop event or class plans (fun and frivolous to sophisticated celebrations),
  • Create menu
  • Procure the finest fresh ingredients
  • Provide instruction as specified
  • Clean-up

Chef Jason is a recognized “grill master”. His opinion on all things grill-related is widely sought. That’s why Louisiana Grills and Black Olive Grills invited him to test-drive and review their products.

To hone your grill skills or spice-up your gatherings, put 5280 Culinary on your team.



  1. Gordon Eichman

    I met chef Jason at the Big Toolbox a week or two ago and he mentioned that he uses butcher paper to smoke/cook his ribs. There are so many types of butcher paper and uses that I question what type I should buy for smoke grilling. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.. Can you suggest a place to purchase?

    Thank you,

    1. Jason Morse Author

      Hi Gordon, I use the Traeger brand butcher paper, be sure not to use any that are lined or have a coating. I look for peach colored paper. if you need anything else, please email me at

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