Our Foods

When we set out on the journey to produce our own line of Rubs, Sauces, Caramels and Food products we did it carefully and with great thought put into what we wanted to do and be.  We didn’t want run of the mill, we wanted to produce top of the line.  So thats what we did.  We lowered the sodium level, used no additives, made things taste good, added all natural ingredients and determined what was most important to us.  That was to help consumers and foodies connect back to what their food tastes like.  We wanted our rubs to bring out the natural flavor of foods, not mask them.  Our sauces were designed to finish your foods and allow you to taste everything along the way, the brine, the rub, the smoke, the roast, the grill, the protein and finally the sauce.

We are serious about our food and know that you are as well. We are committed to making the best products we can and only putting on the shelf products that we are proud to serve our family and friends.  We wont cut corners and we wont ad fillers and junk.  Taste our products and you will see why they are sought after and quickly becoming the go to rubs and sauces for many Culinary Enthusiasts.

The Caramels, have your tried the caramels?  7 years ago i was given a challenge from a boss to create a Caramel that would define what Caramel should be.  12 test batches and many weeks later we had our first batch done and in the hands of our friends and family.  Our caramels are small batch produced, hand cut and wrapped and shipped fresh and ready to enjoy.  You can find these at the register of your local Ace Hardware and on the shelves in bags.  They make great gifts, client gifts and holiday staff gifts.  Grab a few bags to enjoy and one to stash in your car.  Sharing is optional