Rocky Mountain Ace Hardware Stores

In 2014 we joined forces with the Rocky Mountain Ace Hardware Stores to become their resident grill expert. Working together with your local Ace Hardware Store owner, we plan many events and demos geared towards showing you tricks and tips for using your Grill, Smoker or Grilling gear. As well how to use our rubs and products on the grills and smokers. This partnership has quickly become one of the cutting edge programs in the grilling segment. Our classes are designed to help showcase the grills, gear and proteins you so often use. Our demos are planned to show you quick and innovative ways to enjoy the Grilling Lifestyle. Be sure to check out our events page for the location of our next event, demo or class.

Colorado Beef Council

From the beginning of our business the Colorado Beef Council has been there to partner with us in all things.... Beef. We work with them to create Beef-Centric cooking classes and events that help consumers better understand cooking all cuts of beef and how to have the ultimate Beef Experience. Over the years we have enjoyed getting to know the wonderful Ranchers and Producers that are involved in the Beef Industry and it's an even bigger honor for us to advocate for them and the wonderful work they do. So the next time you pass by a Cattle Ranch... Honk and Wave....thank a Rancher. The work they do to provide us with the food need is amazing.

Colorado Department Of Agriculture

For close to 10 years we have worked with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Proud to create the monthly recipes for statewide media and Channel 9KUSA Monthly Spots. Colorado has an abundance of agriculture to showcase and we are glad to know the many farmers, ranchers and producers who provide our bounty. From the San Luis Valley to the Western Slope and beyond... our recipes have covered great products like Beef, Lamb, Pork, Potatoes, Millet, Beans, Beets, Peppers and More. We are Colorado Proud!!

Colorado Potato Administrative Committee

In 2019 we added one of our favorite groups to our list of Agriculture sponsors.  Colorado Potatoes are simply the best tasting spud around. Grown with love and care in the San Luis Valley.  We have been fans of their work since forever.  I have made a few visits to the valley over the years and each time walk away with tons of knowledge, huge admiration and a giant sack of potatoes.  Look for some amazing recipes to come

Colorado Pork Producers Council

In 2014 we partnered with the Colorado Pork Producers Council to help advocate for industry and to work with consumers at our many cooking demos and events. The goal is to provide some hands on training of all things pork, from our Pork 101 classes to our 3 hour BBQ Class to Bourbon and Bacon. Helping consumers better understand where their food comes from, how its raised and how to cook it best is all in a days work when we are on the same team.

Colorado Wool Growers Association

In 2015 we partnered with the Colorado Wool Growers and Colorado Lamb to work with consumers at our many cooking demos and events. You have heard of the amazing Colorado Lamb, raised at Altitude and featured on menus worldwide.  Join us for a class, stop by for a demo and swing by to chat... we love talking Lamb and can help teach you some Lamb cooking techniques that will have your guests begin for more.

Italco Food Products

Years ago I was fortunate to meet the Laurita Family and 18 years later I rely heavily on owners Mike and Chris for many things. You want partners who push you to be the best, that is what I appreciate about Italco. Masters of flavor, innovators, creators, mentors and all around great people. Working with Italco helps us translate flavor ideas into final concepts. Our products are amazing because of our association with Italco. From our spice blends to the vanilla paste we use in our caramels, we trust our name and brand identity to the products we get from Italco. More than our partners, they are our trusted friends.

Red Bird Farms

This is what real chicken tastes like.... We have been working with the team at Red Bird Farms since we started our company in 2010. They provide us with the best chicken available to use at our demos and events. After our demo be sure to head to your local grocery store and ask for Red Bird Farms Chicken. They are Colorado Proud

Vertical Mobility Systems

What started as a friendly conversation over grills at an Ace Hardware demo turned quickly into an opportunity for a partnership and even better, a friendship. Keith has worked with me on many levels to truly help me understand what is needed in a website. Keith takes time to listen, create, develop and deliver a high end experience. Thanks to Vertical Mobile Sites we now have a platform to tell our story in a style that reflects our brand. If you want someone who cares as much about your brand as you do... Contact Keith