About 5280 Culinary

Named in tribute to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, 5280 Culinary was founded in 2010 by Executive Chef Jason K. Morse, CEC.

“5280 is a mindset that encompasses our mentality and that of our entire region,” said Morse, “It’s a mindset that says: “Go BIG. Aim HIGH. Reach. Above. Beyond.”   That’s exactly what we do. We will never be satisfied staying at status quo. We aim high. We exceed expectation.

Our Products: 5280 Culinary is purveyor of an exceptional line of spices, rubs and brines used by discriminating home cooks and professionals. And, because the world needs an extraordinary caramel, we created and make available specialized, small-batch, limited edition, handcrafted, off-the-charts Earth Salt Caramels.

Our Services: Our founder, head-honcho and executive-in-charge, is a driven sort with a solid personality and big heart. Chef Jason simply loves people, loves food and works really hard to bring the two together in harmony.

“Food is a celebration in itself. An event that has so-so food is not much of an event. Our daily lives revolve around choosing exceptional or choosing mundane. We choose exceptional and want to help everyone we meet to do the same. Exceptional doesn’t take any more effort than basic. It just takes setting your mind on doing great things, the best things for others and yourself.”

This healthful, soulful mindset regarding food as “fellowship” permeates the entire 5280 Culinary team. We provide consulting services designed to impact all ages: Working with childhood nutrition advocacy through education, nutrition program development and ProStart student mentoring.  We also provide support to the restaurant and hospitality industry, home cooks, product launches, special events and Agriculture programs and initiatives.

Our Consulting services include:

Our Chef services include:

Food and Beverage Consulting

The team behind 5280 Culinary is some of the top leaders in the hospitality scene. They are trusted to provide insight, training and mentoring to restaurants, clubs and hotels. Chef Jason has some innovative tools and methods to help decrease costs, run more efficiently, train your culinary or front of house team and deliver better products and services to your customers. Whether just starting out in your restaurant or doing some developmental training, Chef Jason has the experience of opening over 15 restaurants and clubs and has a proven track record of running these disciplines well and putting out a consistent, well executed product. Think of us as your one stop shop for all things food and beverage.

Our support:

First and foremost, we ARE COLORADO PROUD.  Our products are proudly handcrafted in The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado.

We are proud to work with our local agriculture community. We are active members of the Colorado Livestock Care Coalition (CLCC) which is a group that gives advice and input to the Commissioner of Agriculture with regard to animal husbandry in Colorado. Our goal is to educate the public and consumers on all things animal agriculture and work to support our community of ranchers and producers.

Click here to learn more about The Colorado Care Livestock Coalition >> CLCC_One_Page_Overview_LR.pdf

Our work doesn’t end there. We are actively involved with the Colorado Department of Agriculture to support them in their daily work and are an active part of the Colorado Proud movement. Chef Jason has been writing recipes for the Colorado proud program for over 8 years and can be seen representing those recipes on KUSA 9News and in local media each month.

When you have a leader who is so passionate about supporting Ag it’s only natural to work with amazing groups like the Colorado Farm Bureau, Colorado Wool Growers Authority, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, Colorado Pork Producers, Colorado Corn and Colorado Produce.

It’s part of the duty as a Chef to support the community that produces the food we serve the public. Working with consumers and teaching our kids that connection to our food source is our biggest goal.  Chef is a trusted friend of Agriculture and is often tasked with representing those groups at events and demos.

Jason is very involved with the Colorado Beef Council and is working to help train and educate consumers on all things Beef.

Whether it’s Pasture to Plate or Field to Fork, 5280 Culinary is very well versed in Agriculture and works hard to support our community of Farmers, Ranchers and Producers.

When we started our business we knew it was important to pick the best players in the game.  From Culinary to Agriculture to Marketing and Social Media... Our team is stocked with the best in the business.  All designed to help your business.

Have a question or comment for our team?  Want to chat with Chef Jason about your next event?  Have a product you need to take to market and want some guidance?  Looking to find a consultant to help your operation grow?

Send us an email or give us a call.  We are At Your Service.

Chef Jason Ace Morse

Jason K. Morse, CEC

Executive Chef | Owner
Annie Morse 5280 Culinary

Annie Morse

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