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Smoked Cherry Turnovers

Smoked Cherry Turnovers Colorado Style

Smoked Cherry Turnovers

Colorado, it’s the best place on earth to live and enjoy, not to mention those mountain views.  We also have some of the best growing environments around, from those hot days to our cool nights and back again to hot, that makes for some tasty produce.  This recipe is packed with something we look forward to every season…. Cherries

Colorado Cherries enjoy a burst of sugar unlike anything else, heavily concentrated cherry flavors round out this amazing little gem.

We start with fresh cherries and add some cool things like smoked salt and vanilla paste, then we do something fun, we smoke these guys

This is a great recipe that is also very versatile.  You can make these in your Oven, on your Big Green Egg and even in your Traeger Wood Fire Grill

So the next time you are out at the local Farmers market or grocery store, be sure to grab some cherries.  You will thank me later

Click the link below to download this recipe

Smoked Cherry Turnovers Recipe

Happy Cooking, Chef Jason

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