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Garden Beets recipe

Garden Beets by Chef Jason Morse and 5280 Culinary

Garden Beets

It’s time to pick a side, you either like Beets or you don’t.  I understand that very well, as a kid, I didn’t like beets at all.  You couldn’t have paid me to eat them.  Then one day while looking at a menu I decided it was time to give a Roasted Beet salad a try.  WHOA!!!!  Talk about the best decision ever, this was it.  With flavors of iron and that earthiness about them, I was hooked.

Fast forward to Colorado and starting to really enjoy the local produce and Beets seemed to be on every menu, farmers market stand and in every grocery store.  It was time to make my beets sing.  Here we are 20 years after my move to Colorado still finding ways to enjoy more beets.

This recipes takes advantage of the the smoker and adds an amazing depth of flavor to the beets.  Once off the smoker, cover them and let the residual heat finish them to perfection.

Click the link below to download this recipe

Garden Beets Recipe

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