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5280 Culinary Kitchen Sink Cookie

Kitchen Sink Cookies

Kitchen Sink Cookies

Imagine a world where chocolate meets more chocolate and they meet some macadamia nuts, then they all meet some coconut and finally go on an adventure to meet vanilla paste.  Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it?  Well its not, its a dream that turned into one of the most amazing cookies ever.  There is a science to cookie making we have learned.  It starts with the butter you use and ends with how the cookie likes to be baked.  We learned along the way that cookie dough likes to be frozen and baked from frozen.  This helps control the spread the dome and the final product.

So get out the mixer and get ready to make the best cookies ever.  We love to freeze the pucks and keep them handy for any cookie emergency that may come about.  Friday night movie night?  Bake some cookies.  Impromptu gift for the neighbor?  Yep, cookie time.

Tweak this recipe as well, remove the coconut and add the same amount of cups of dark chocolate chips, take out the Macadamia nuts and replace them with the same amount of cups of semi sweet chips.  Enjoy making this recipe your own and sharing with your friends.  Happy Baking, Chef Jason



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