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Chefs Famous Bayou Slaw

Chefs Famous Bayou Slaw

We have been out doing some fun events these last few weeks and our Bayou Slaw has been the standout recipe to go with our smoked bbq pork tenderloin.  Well wait no more… Here is a quick and fun slaw recipe that works GREAT on tacos, with pulled pork and as a side dish.  Enjoy and Happy Cooking.  Chef Jason



1ea – 10oz bag Cole Slaw Mix (shredded cabbage)

1 Tbsp – 5280 Culinary Bayou Dust

1/4 Cup – Grated Cotija Cheese

1/2 Cup – Slaw Dressing – We like Kens Brand


Mix all of the above items together in a stainless steel mixing bowl and chill until use


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