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Business Ideation / Soluions

What works?  What doesn’t work?  Will they like it?  I wish we had a recipe for....   Let us handle this for you.  We can custom create recipes, use recipes from our Archives or standardize your recipes for you.  We also handle Taste Panels, focus groups and surveys.

Who has time to “tweet” or “post”?  Who has the money for a full time Social Media Team?  We will work with you to create the weekly “post” list and run with it.  We will post or tweet your events, menus and life in your establishment.  We have the ability to produce video clips as well as You Tube Videos.

We will work together with your team to draw out those hidden ideas and help host ideation sessions and training.  Let us help your team brainstorm new ideas, marketing techniques, promotions, menu ideas, to name a few.  We will help your team unleash their true potential.


We have time to save you Money !

We work for and support YOU!!

In this economy few companies have the time to focus on the bottom line of their business.  The focus for the last few years has been taking care of  customers and keeping the revenue strong.  Let us support your team and offer input on the various ways we can make your business more efficient, more consistent and more profitable.

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